Eretz Israel is our unforgettable historic homeland...The Jews who will it shall achieve their State...And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind. (Theodor Herzl, DerJudenstaat, 1896)

We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

With a liberal democratic political system operating under the rule of law, a flourishing market economy producing technological innovation to the benefit of the wider world, and a population as educated and cultured as anywhere in Europe or North America, Israel is a normal Western country with a right to be treated as such in the community of nations.... For the global jihad, Israel may be the first objective. But it will not be the last. (Friends of Israel Initiative)

Monday, 27 June 2016

Britain's Peasants' Revolt (videos)

Like the arrogant political elites of both left and right, the BBC is obviously aghast at the Peasants' Revolt that has delivered responsibility for Britain's destiny back into British hands.

Vox populi (Sky News)

Vox populi  (Channel 4)

Vox populi (Channel 4)

Inter alia, it's running with the canard that Brexit-supporting oldies have betrayed the youngsters' future, as seen,for instance, in this entirely biased piece of nonsense that presents that premise as a given.

 As the distinguished British journalist Charles Moore, who exposes that canard, has observed,
 "Is there any country in the world – apart from Britain – where the British Broadcasting Corporation would greet the return of parliamentary democracy with terror and dismay?"

In London, predictably, assorted ratbags, tarring Brexiteers with the "racist" brush, show their contempt for the will of the people.

Some turn on a female Canadian reporter for

Meanwhile, American judge Jeanine Pirro takes inspiration from the Brexit vote:

A jaundiced view from an often warped newspaper (friends of Israel should reflect that, by and large, prominent enemies of Israel and their backers on social media voted to remain in the EU, all the better as a tool with which to bash Israel):

For a viewpoint on the impact of Brexit on Israel see here

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Joyful Brexiteers in Pompey; image:The News, Portsmouth
When General de Gaulle vetoed Britain's application to join the Common Market (European Economic Community or EEC) in January 1963, it was much to the chagrin of future prime minister Edward Heath, who as Lord Privy Seal was conducting negotiations on behalf of the Macmillan government,and who eventually saw his vision of Britain in Europe eventuate.

When, in 1975, the British voted to join the EEC they did so because it was sold to them by the Heath government as the economic component of NATO, and in those Cold War days it seemed to many, in effect, "better Brussels than Moscow".  Little did the public realise that what the duplicitous Heath had in mind was a federated Europe, a great political juggernaut of unaccountable faceless bureaucrats ushered in by the 1991 Maastricht Treaty.

Mazal Tov, then, to the British people for voting to leave that corrupt leviathan.  What sore losers the "Remain" camp have proved, with some in it even demanding a second referendum! (See more sore loser contempt for the results here )

I hope to make Brexit the focus of my Elder of Ziyon post this week, so I won't say more now.  But in the course of a good article written on the eve of the referendum vote, J-Wire's Israel correspondent, Michael Kuttner, raises some interesting and hard-hitting points regarding the European Union and Israel:
'Europe has become a major trading region for Israel. However with the chaos caused by a weak Euro, severe economic recessions in many member countries, rampant unemployment especially amongst the young generation and a general malaise as evidenced in France, it is time to turn our trading efforts eastward. This is exactly what Israel has been doing in recent times. Not only is it unwise to put all our trading eggs in one basket, diversification also reduces the probability of boycotts and economic blackmail.
The idea that submerging national feelings of patriotism to some sort of universal attachment to European togetherness has manifestly failed. Today we are facing a virulent resurgence of age-old prejudices against Jews as well as other minorities, with political parties dedicated to ominous echoes from the recent past poised to take power in several countries. A union of countries in the future with an agenda hostile to Jews and prepared to ban Brit Mila (circumcision) and Shechita and Kosher food is far more dangerous than individual countries trying to go it alone.
The EU as it has evolved today believes that it has a divine mission to meddle endlessly in our affairs, assert its non-existent right to impose solutions on Israel which will in effect lead to our demise and to punish us with boycotts and labeling if we do not meekly acquiesce.
 In addition and far more galling the EU provides millions of Euros to the kleptomaniac Palestinian Arab Authority which only this week announced via its Prime Minister that stipends to terrorists who have murdered Israelis and their families will be increased. For good measure he described these terrorists as heroes. Has the EU cut off funding in the face of this? Of course they have not.
In the last few days the EU announced that it was prepared to offer an “unprecedented” package in order to induce a “peace” deal. In other words if bribery can achieve some sort of mythical peace at our expense then no doubt we should grab it. The very notion that more Euros thrown down a black Palestinian-Arab hole can purchase genuine peace while the root problem is hate, delegitimisation and a refusal to accept a legal Jewish presence in the region is totally ignored, merely demonstrates yet again the irrelevance of a union united (except for a few notable exceptions) by only one thing – an unhealthy obsession with the Jewish State and a continuing refusal to recognise the evil intents of those inciting and carrying out terror against Jews.
David Cameron in an appeal to the British Jewish Community this week asserted that only by the UK remaining in the EU can it thwart unbalanced policies against Israel. This is of course arrant nonsense. The current funding of NGO’s which work against Israel continues unabated by UK membership. The continual attempts led by France to force a suicide pact on Israel remain unimpeded by any British membership of the EU. How would that change in the future if “remain” wins?
The free flow across vanished borders of those dedicated to perpetrating terror has already doomed the EU and sealed its long-term fate. That is something British Jews should have thought about when they cast their votes. That and the looming demographic realities should cast serious doubts as to the long-term viability of a union drowning in social unrest, economic stagnation and rising Judeopobia.
Whatever the results of the referendum, the mid to long-term prognosis for this union experiment looks bleak. As I survey a continent soaked in past Jewish blood and suffering I can only be thankful that with all its problems and challenges, Israel remains a haven and island of stability in a world going to pot in more ways than one.'
Read the entire article here

Friday, 24 June 2016

David Singer: European Union Should Heed Israel’s Sobering Message

Here's the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

The European Union needs to heed the sobering message delivered by Israel’s President – Reuven Rivlin – to the European Parliament on 22 June:
“Currently the practical conditions, the political and regional circumstances, which would enable us to reach a permanent agreement between us – the Israelis and the Palestinians – are failing to materialize.”
Rivlin ascribed this situation to two reasons:
* The Palestinian leadership was divided in at least two.
* In order to achieve a stable and viable agreement, a reasonable regional and economic infrastructure was required whereas the reality was a chaos-stricken Middle East in which uncertainty is the only certainty.
Rivlin criticised the French Initiative to kickstart the negotiations stalled for the last two years as the chronicle of a predictable failure, which would only push the two peoples deeper into despair.

He warned those present:
“Distinguished audience, if the international community really wishes and truly aspires to be a constructive player, it must divert its efforts away from the renewal of negotiations for negotiations’ sake, and toward building trust between the parties, and to creating the necessary terms for the success of negotiations in the future.”
Rivlin laid out four areas where building trust could occur:
“First, harnessing the moderate powers in the region. The cooperation with Jordan and Egypt is a supreme common interest of Israel and the international community as well, in the aim of preventing military bolstering from beyond our borders, and in order to eradicate extremism and preserve the stability of the region….
Second, developing Palestinian economy and infrastructures for quality of life. One cannot speak about a future agreement when people live with a basic existential feeling of having no future, no opportunities, no hope, and no horizon. With the backdrop of economic difficulties in Judea and Samaria, and the situation in Gaza, a broad economic course of action is called for….
Third, investing in joint ventures aimed at creating joint interests….
Fourth and ultimately – education. Increasing stability, developing infrastructures and strategic terms are essential conditions, but are not enough. Creating the conditions for any future agreement requires conditioning hearts on both sides for the possibility of living with mutual respect….”
Rivlin’s message was timely – but could have been more pointed had he stressed that trust building and conditioning of hearts on both sides couldn’t realistically occur whilst:
* The PLO remains the governing authority in Areas “A” and “B” in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank)
* Hamas remains the governing authority in Gaza
* Free elections are denied to their Arab constituencies by Hamas and the PLO.
* Both the PLO and Hamas maintain the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel as their primary goal.
The Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza have been denied any vote since their decision to elect Hamas in 2006 was rejected by the PLO – leading to bitter internecine power struggles that still remain unresolved today.

Certainly if elections were held whilst Hamas and the PLO retained political strangleholds over their respective electorally-starved populations – they might out of genuine fear for their personal safety well opt to continue swallowing the same unpleasant medicine – leaving the peace process in the negotiating void that exists to-day.

Rivlin’s call to harness the moderate powers in the region sends the European Union a message that facilitating direct negotiations between Jordan, Israel and Egypt on the future of Judea, Samaria and Gaza could be meaningful negotiations – not negotiations for negotiations sake – towards ending the 100 years old conflict.

Hopefully the European Union takes note and uses its power, prestige and influence to make such trilateral negotiations become a reality.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

In Britain, A Cult of Saints with Feet of Clay

A Yorkshire councillor has been suspended after making a sickening comment relating to a fund opened in memory of  murdered MP Jo Cox.

It's true, however, that  Mrs Cox's murder is being used as a tool with which leftist elements in the "Remain" camp are beating outspoken supporters of Brexit, tarring them with the brush of hate and extremism and portraying them as almost beyond the political pale.

(Predictably, antisemites such as this fellow, followed avidly by certain members of the PSC, have also swung behind this outlook.)

They must not be permitted to suppress debate (Brendan O'Neill warned about that sort of thing here.)
Now the ABC (Australia's answer to the BBC, and just as odiously leftist) is getting into the act.  Consider this ABC Lateline item, for instance, with its cherry-picked images and its emphasis on the case against Britain leaving the EU interwoven with its linkage to Mrs Cox's murder:
'A divided Briton [sic!] will soon vote in a referendum on the nation's European Union membership under a cloud of grief for murdered politician Jo Cox.
Polls are on a knife-edge, with final campaigning underway for the vote that could see the UK leave the EU after 43 years.The deputy leader of the UK's Labour Party, Tom Watson, told Lateline the murder of his colleague and pro-EU politician Ms Cox is on everyone's minds, though he was unsure if it would affect the outcome.
From BBC
"Whatever happens on the result we're going to end up a more divided nation as a result of this debate and we're going to have to do a lot of healing and understanding," he said."We've had more sombre campaigning this week, so I think there'll be more cooler heads when it comes to referendum day [on Thursday local time] but I'm not sure it will affect the outcome or not."Mr Watson said the murder and the Brexit debate had highlighted the need for a more patient and kinder political culture....
Ms Cox was shot and stabbed to death in Leeds in England's north last Thursday, in an attack her husband said was politically motivated.Overnight, her family was to mark what would have been her 42nd birthday with an emotional river tribute and a rally in London.The commemoration in the city's central Trafalgar Square was set to include Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, with similar events to take place later in cities around the world, among them Beirut, Nairobi, New York and Paris.'
The atmosphere seems to be such that there is a growing cult of Mrs Cox, against which it is heresy to speak.

Mrs Cox, dare it be said, was for all her evident goodness of heart no more a saint than the rest of us.  A former Oxfam employee, she was an anti-Israel activist close to the PSC and other anti-Israel groups, something that even  some of my Anglo-Jewish friends with a deep interest in Israel's welfare have been unaware of, since it has been all but omitted from the mainstream media, including the Jewish media.

 Mrs Cox's widower Brendan, who of course deserves profound sympathy in his loss, and is also becoming part of the cult, is also a leftist activist who has been involved with NGOs unfriendly to Israel.

(Hat tip: Nathan of Plaza)

As for Brexit:

Onya, Boris!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Michael Danby on Bandt, Hodgins-May, and the Greens' "Policy of Appeasement & Surrender" (video)

Britain's going to the polls to (hopefully) vote in favour of leaving the monstrous European Union, fount of so much mischief, but here in Australia we have our minds mainly on our forthcoming general election.

Here's sitting member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby telling The Shtick's Henry Greener why it's folly to vote for the anti-Israel "irresponsible Greens," party of Steph Hodgins-May with her "terrible insult" to a sizeable segment of the electorate, namely the local Jews, and of member for Melbourne Adam Bandt, of whom footage is shown at the end of the video addressing APAN (the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network) a few days ago.

(Ten minutes long)

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Of Migration & Invasion

"As a refugee, I too welcome refugees. As a Jew, I am aware of the mitzvah of welcoming the stranger.

As an adult with life experiences, I resent economic invaders who jump queues and try to force themselves into advanced economies where they can benefit from social services.

As a prudent person, I want no part of people who come to my adopted country and demand that I and my fellow citizens submit to the standards of their religion. The same group that tells us that we must not blame them for the terror plans of a small group of them but then not only fail to condemn them themselves, but appoint extremists as religious leaders.

As a father and a grandfather, I condemn parents who have failed to raise children who respond to social issues in a rational and Jewish way."

So says an elderly Holocaust survivor in Sydney, in response to the demands of a group of youngsters calling themselves "Jews for Refugees" that Australia admit all of the illegal "refugees" who have tried to enter Australia by the back door and are now in detention offshore while their applications are considered.

He is absolutely justified, and so, despite the leftist and holier-than-though thought police, are the like-minded people, Jews and non-Jews, who deplore the current invasion of the European Continent by young men of military age posing as "refugees".

The other day, Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and a staunch supporter of Brexit (Britain leaving the great bureaucratic tyranny known as the European Union) unveiled a poster in support of his stance that shows a vast crowd of young male migrants pouring into Europe.   It is a genuine photograph of real migrants, not some staged event.  It reflects what has been happening across Europe in the past few months.  Yet it has been condemned (most recently by no less a personage than J.K. Rowling) as "racist" and resembling Nazi propaganda.

What balderdash.

I'm not a particular fan of Farage, but such accusations trivialise genuine racism and undermine democratic debate.

They are attempts to silence those who deplore the creeping islamisation of Europe (sobering new article by Giulio Meotti here)  and what that entails for future generations (not least for women and girls).  Oh, and for Jews.

 The estimable Douglas Murray has once again drawn attention to Europe's migration nightmare here, and how Merkel and the rest of the European "elites" have no idea how to solve this problem that is of their own making.

Also from the Gatestone Institute and The Rebel, this, from Colonel Richard Kemp.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Aussie Greens' Policy Imperils Israel (video) & Greens Candidate Digs at Danby's "Duality"

In the lead-up to the imminent Australian federal election (2 July), the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network sent questionnaires to candidates soliciting their attitudes towards Israel and Palestine.

Australian Greens member for Melbourne Adam Bandt (who used to be the Greens' deputy leader under former leader Senator Christine Milne, predecessor to Richard Di Natale) was among those who answered with alacrity, and with the answers APAN hoped to hear.

But there can have been no surprise, given Bandt's and his party's form on the subject.

Nor can there have been surprise at the alacrity with which he agreed to take part in an APAN forum, at which Sophie Ismail, Labor candidate for Melbourne, spoke.

Here's a video showing how dangerous Adam Bandt and the Greens are: frankly, any supporter of Israel who votes for the Greens in the forthcoming election needs his or her head examined.

To quote the uploader, Richard Livingwood:

APAN hosted Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt and Labor Member for Melbourne Sophie Ismail on 13/6/16 for a 1.5 hour discussion on "Palestine & Israel: Adopting a Just Position".

I selected what I believe are the most consequential quotes from Adam. Please be aware that I have cut and pasted these from this discussion and if that has caused them to be misconstrued it is not my intention, in fact I went to great lengths to ensure the quotes were left as they were said as much as possible for a short video.

As the 2016 Federal Election is coming up, I believe that this topic is of great interest to many Australians and they may benefit from understanding more about the stances of our politicians before voting.

I have also annotated this video in parts where I have found information that contradicts their statements as well as where it supports them. I have tried to use sources that are objective as possible knowing full well this is a very contentious topic. Following are the links to the sources referenced in this video.

Australian Greens Resolution Israel/Palestine:

Adam Bandt MP for Melbourne Arms to Gaza Conflict

Hamas Charter:

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

UN Relief Works Agency for Palestinians in the Near East (UNRWA)

2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict

Hamas rocket launch pad revealed near Gaza homes

A further reason to shun the Greens, as sitting federal Labor member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby, staunch friend of Israel, reminds us ahead of the fight for his seat:

 He has "gone rogue"?!

What does Ms Hodgins-May mean by "duality"?

(Article she links to is here)